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Panda Glow

Cloud The Sheep

Cloud The Sheep

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Why should you buy a PandaGlow™ lamp?

Choosing our Glow Lamps is like bringing a touch of magic into your room. Imagine having a friendly Panda, a calm Sheep, or a playful Rabbit lighting up your space – it's like having a cute buddy right there with you! These lamps aren't just about light; they're about making your room cozy, happy, and a bit enchanting. And guess what? They're also made with nature-friendly stuff, so it's good for our planet too! So, why pick our lamps? Because they make your room shine with joy and a dash of charm!

  • USB Type C Charging: Designed with modern convenience in mind, our lamps feature USB Type C charging, offering a universal and reversible connection. This ensures easy and hassle-free charging for your lamp, keeping it powered whenever you need it.
  • Material: Our lamps are crafted with soft silicon, providing a touch of comfort and a gentle feel. The use of high-quality silicon ensures durability and a pleasant tactile experience.

  • Three Light Settings: Enjoy versatile lighting options with our lamps. Choose from three different light settings to suit your mood and needs – bright for focused illumination, dim for a cozy ambiance, and dimmer for a softer, more relaxed glow. With these adjustable settings, you have the flexibility to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

  • Eco-friendly materials: Our lamps were made with sustainability in mind, and are built with 100% sustainable materials, so we can bring charm to your room without harming our planet.
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